Products List

Acid Dyes

Applications in Leather, Nylon, Paper, Silk , Wool.

We Are Pleased To Offer Full Range Of Acid Dyes. For Items not Listed Below Kindly Check With Us for Specific Product Requirements.

Basic Dyes

Application in Cotton, jute, leather, paper, silk and Wool, nylon,Coir.

Products Can Be Provided In Powder As Well As Liquid Form As Per Your Requirements.

Direct Dyes

Application In Wide Range Of Industries Like Cotton, Jute, Leather, Paper, Silk , Wool.

Direct dyes for cellulosics possess excellent light fastness properties. Certain dyestuffs within this range are suitable for high-temperature dyeing of cellulosic/polyester blends. Direct dyes possess excellent leveling properties, are highly tinctoral, have fair to good lightfastness, and are economical.

Disperse Dyes

These dyes are essentially for synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon, acrylic, etc. They are available from us for atmospheric or high temperature applications.

Reactive Dyes

Reactive dyes Applications in Cotton, Paper, Silk & Viscose.

Dayglo Range Of Reactive Dyestuffs For Most Colourful Cotton Prints.

Solvent Dyes

Dayglosol Range Of Sovent Dyes in Powder & Liquid Form For Carbon paper, Ball point penink,printing Ink,color paper,Soaps,Detergents,Petroleum Cosmetics Products, Food Products,Pharmaceuticals,Plastics such as polyolefins/ ps/ abs/ pvc.

Vat Dyes

These dyes produce most colorfast shades on cellulosic fibers such as cotton and rayon. We offer these dyes both in the form of liquid as well as powder dyes at the most competitive prices.