Dye-Land Corporation (New York, NY) was formed in 1990 with the aim to cater to the Global Dye Market for diverse and unique end applications. By maintaining a strong manufacturing and R&D base in India, Dyeland has managed to keep a solid pricing edge in a highly competitive market.

Our reputation owes much to our modern and fully automated Quality Control and R&D facility where we have developed newer dyes that can be an equivalent substitute to the much higher priced dyes available from the multinational corporations.

As price has become the core factor in determining the selection of dyes, often quality of the dye has been found to be an issue with many of our competitors. We ensure that we are able to provide you with the dyes of qualities that are unequaled in the industry at prices that are truly competitive.

Our dyes are currently used for such specific end-applications like inkjet inks for paper and textiles, dyes for synthetic rugs/carpet, and for dyeing of polymers and plastics.

We also have the capacity to undertake development of all newer dyes that are tailor-made to meet our client’s specific needs. For custom development, we take future market potential into account in setting up our production specifications.